LIFE movie review. (Contains spoilers)

Okay. Just say this. It's a horror. When I suggested it to my friend we had no idea and then we watched it and it was a bloody horror. But, it was amazing. A bit bloody, but amazing.

The movie starts off on a good note which is really good because it means that it has been well made and that is proven throughout the whole movie. As the movie continues on it progressively gets better in terms of story.

The characters are very well done and acted by amazing people.

*Spoilers below*

The movie has a total of 7 characters. The astronauts Hugh Derry, Miranda North, Rory Adams, David Jordan, Sho Kendo and Katerina Golovinka are on the space station ISS.

The crew receives soil samples from Mars after 8 months of waiting. Hugh is a biologist and he takes a sample from the soil and finds a living organism. He changes the atmosphere and gives it glucose and it starts to grow.

After a couple of days they have a video call to earth where they get given a name for the organism. Calvin.

Hugh keeps feeding Calvin but after one of the nitrogen canisters malfunctions Calvin goes into hibernation but the crew think he is dead.

Hugh uses a taser stick to shock Calvin multiple times which wakes him up yet it has aggravated him. Calvin griped tightly onto Hughes hand and Hugh tried to remove it but Calvin crushed it quite badly.

After this happened Calvin finished breaking the taser stick and used it to pierce the rubber glove and escape into the lab.

Rory goes in there to get Hugh out and he does but David locks him in because they can't risk Calvin getting out and hurting all of them.

While in there Calvin attaches himself onto Rory's leg. Rory uses a special stick called an oxygen candle to try and get Calvin and it works temporarily but he then uses a flame gun to try and kill Calvin.

This was unsuccessful and this is where Calvin's first kill comes in. As Rory is trying to find him in the cupboards Calvin sneak attacks him and tries to get into Rory's mouth. Rory tries to stop Calvin but is unsuccessful and Calvin goes down his throat. Calvin starts to kill Rory from the inside and this is evident because you see Rory coughing/spewing up blood. You know Rory is dead when a stream of blood comes out instead of a little bit at a time and you see him go limp.

When Calvin leave's Rory's body he is much bigger then he originally was and covered in blood.

The astronauts got together and wrapped Hugh's hand up.

Calvin soon escapes from the Lab after these things in the roof drop down and they don't close one of them in time. Calvin started to tamper with things and he ends up cutting communication from the ISS to Earth.

Kat donned an EVA suit and went outside to try and fix it. She opened a valve which used to contain coolant but Calvin ate it as a source of nutrients. Calvin ends up attacking Kat and killing her by making her drown in the EVA suit coolant.

Hugh dies from lack of blood because Calvin hid on his leg and started drinking/eating his blood as nutrients. They managed to revive him briefly but it didn't work for long.

Sho died when there was a breach in the ship which sucked both him and Calvin out but guess what? Calvin got back into the ISS.

David and Miranda don't die (There is always someone that survives.) but Miranda gets sent into deep space all alone because her lifeboat went off course and David is in his one with Calvin and it goes to earth and two fisherman find them in the lifeboat and as David is yelling at them not to open it but they do and then it cuts to Miranda flying off into deep space while she is screaming. Best plot twist ever in my opinion.

*Spoilers End*

All in all I give it a 10/10 recommendation.


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