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My May review

So it is now June. The first month of winter. I had a horrible May to be honest. I injured my already stuffed up ankle, I lost a family member and it just rained for days.

I also had a very good May. I got Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle, started cutting out my fabric for a shirt I am making, cut out the pattern for a dress I am making, I watched Captain America Civil War with my mates and read some amazing books. I also got some book marks from Elise Kova!

If it wasn't for these things I would have been miserable all May. I am so glad that I got to do stuff that I liked and I am so glad that I had my friends and family to help me out.

The Siren ‖ Kiera Cass

PLOT: 5/5

I think that this is an amazing book. Having read it in one day, I somehow managed to connect to Kahlen and her thought process. The way that Siren mythology has been incorporated into this book is amazing and I love it. Being the age I am (14) I find that Kiera Cass has written a book that I will never forget as I go through my teen years because it is something that I really enjoy. I loved the mythology, I loved Her and how she treats the Sirens as Her children. I love the relationship between Kahlen and Anikli because it is something that a lot of fictional characters don't seem to have. I will defiantly read it again one day but for now I will just let this amazing plot sit in my head.