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Waters Wrath: Book 4 in the Air Awakens series

Rating: 5/5 Structure: 5/5 Plot: 5/5
Leading up to Crystal Crowned, the last book in the series, you need to read Waters Wrath. Reading Waters Wrath will change your view on a select few characters but you will appreciate it so much.
Elise wrote the book so well and it just pulls you in. It pulls you in so far you feel like you are actually part of the story.
I know you think "What does she mean?" Well I mean that the characters feel like a family you have never had. That's how I feel.
Vhalla is still so amazing and so is Aldrick and every other character in this book.
I recommend this book because it is so amazing and heartfelt. 

Percy Jackson series

This has to be my all time other favourite series other than Air Awakens, Harry Potter and the Iron Fey.

Rick Riordan was the one that got me so interested in different types of  mythology at the young age of 8.

I first read this series in primary and I still read it 6/7 years later.

I started reading the series a year before it came out in cinemas and it took me a few years to re-read them about 10 times.

The accuracy of the mythology is pretty good too.

I take my mythology pretty seriously and I love the way Rick Riordan incorporated them into later series as well.

My copies from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series are so battered that I have to be careful not to rip a page off of one of them.

Meanwhile, there is a Percy Jackson TV series that will be created which I will defiantly watch and there are two Percy Jackson movies.

If you like adventure and all that read this series!

Then read the follow up series Heroes of Olympus

And The Kane Chronicles

And the Demigod and Magici…