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Wide awake: wattpad doctor who fanfiction

This book starts off in a dream of the last time lady Artiemis. When her faithful companion Joni gets killed she turns to an old companion and she turns Artiemis into a human. Then one day Jayden (Artiemis) meets the elevenith doctor while he is trying to save the world. Then when the Doctor and Jayden next speak it is when they are trying t find Jayden's fob watch. Jaydens fob watch has all her memories of time travelling in her TARDIS an her second heart. Through out the book Artiemis starts to crush on the doctor. WHen weeping angels try taking over the dctors TARDIS she kisses him and tries to get the angels to leave. Then there is a blinding flash of light and the doctor is trying to wake Artiemis up when she feels like she is regenerating. THen when River song tries to kill herself for the Tenth Doctor Artiemis takes her place. THen when she 'dies'she regenerates into a blond haired girl. WHen the doctor awakens she tells him that she is mantinance. Then a few years …

Brilliant! Doctor who/Harry potter fanfiction on wattpad.

John Smith? Hes the Doctor. Thats right. The one and only Doctor Who from the bbc series Doctor Who. But whats he doing with Hermione Granger? Heres what happens in Brilliant!Hermione goes back to good old Hogwarts to finish her seventh year after the battle with voldemort is finally over. There are two new teachers there. Doctor who and DONNA NOBLE!!!!!!! (Sorry.fangirl moment.) Hermione is with ron weasly but she starts forming a friend ship with the mysterious John Smith who has a 'metal wand'. Then they kiss! Then ron proposes to hermione. THEN Hermione starts going through these changes. THEN the Doctor and Hermione sleep TOGTHER!!!! THEN Hermiones body gets taken over by an alien. THEN the Doctor saves her life. THEN Hermione breaks up with ron and she chooses to be with the doctor. THEN after a month the Doctor finally comes and takes Hermione to see a birth of somebody. The endSorry for the shortness. It is a good book and I recomend it to you guys.Thanks for reading,

Lynx Malfoy. Harry potter Fan fiction

You must be wondering, who the hell is Lynx Malfoy? Well she is Draco Malfoys younger sister! My second fan fiction review is here.Lynx Malfoy attends WADA. She runs away from her family and goes to live with the weaslys. Yes! You heard me! A pure blood going to live with Blood traitors. George falls in love with her and so does lynx. Lynx falls in love with the one and only GEORGE WEASLY!!!!! Then she is found by voldy moldy and he takes her away. Then she escapes again and goes to CHARLIE WEASLY for help. She even gets her own pet dragon called DRACO! all to herself. Then the battle of hogwarts happens and Fred Weasly dies....... And lynx gets bitten be voldy moldys snake. She recovers after many months and goes to work in her friends gallery. George and Angelina are going out but George is still in love with Lynx. Then one of voldy moldys supporters gives the minestry of magic some false info on Freds death and Lynx is framed for the crime. Lynx has become undesireable number 1. Sh…

Casulty of love. Wattpad fan fiction series about harry potter

Fan fiction? Whats that you ask? Well fan fiction is stories based on other books. This is my first post on Fan fiction so here it goes.Allie Jones is an American witch. She went to lumins academy for witches. Yep a girl only school. When in fourth year she gets transferred to Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. There she meets the slytherin hottie draco malfoy. Allie also meets Harry Potter, Ron weasly, Hermione granger, the weasly twins and ginny weasly. A friendship starts between Allie and Draco then it turns into a secret relationship. The only people that know are Ginny weasly and their friend Emmy Murs. They have to keep it a secret from Harry, Ron and Hermione. Allie and Draco break up part way through the book so Allie hooks up with griffindor Dean Thomas. Then later in on in the series Allie had broken up with Dean and hooked up with Draco again. But then Draco is recruited by Lord Voldy Moldy and has to kill Albus Dumbledore. Allie meets her mothers grandfather who…

Avalon High Manga style

Avalon high. A book by meg cabot. Has come to life in the epic MANGA series
Avalon High: Coronation. This a three part manga series and it starts of with
Book one: the merlin prophercy then goes onto the second book: homecoming then goes onto the final book: Hunters moon. I do recomend these but before reading these you should read the original book Avalon High so you understand the series of events. If you haven't read the first book there is some spoilers in this post.

The merlin prophercy, homecoming and hunters moon is set two months after Will Wagners half brother Marco cCambell tries to kill Will and his girlfriend Ellie Harrison. Ellie gets nominated as homecoming queen along with Morgan Lefay (Marco Cambells girlfriend)  and Ellies bestie Jennifer who is Wills ex. Jennifer, Lance, Will, Ellie, Marco, Morgan  and their world civ teacher Mr Morton are supposedly reliving the lives of King Arthur, The lady of the lake, Genivere, Lancelot, Mordred, Morgan Le Fey and Merlin. Wi…