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LIFE movie review. (Contains spoilers)

Okay. Just say this. It's a horror. When I suggested it to my friend we had no idea and then we watched it and it was a bloody horror. But, it was amazing. A bit bloody, but amazing.

The movie starts off on a good note which is really good because it means that it has been well made and that is proven throughout the whole movie. As the movie continues on it progressively gets better in terms of story.

The characters are very well done and acted by amazing people.

*Spoilers below*

The movie has a total of 7 characters. The astronauts Hugh Derry, Miranda North, Rory Adams, David Jordan, Sho Kendo and Katerina Golovinka are on the space station ISS.

The crew receives soil samples from Mars after 8 months of waiting. Hugh is a biologist and he takes a sample from the soil and finds a living organism. He changes the atmosphere and gives it glucose and it starts to grow.

After a couple of days they have a video call to earth where they get given a name for the organism. Calvin.

Hugh kee…